Surah Yasin

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Surah Yasin, one of the most beautiful and meaningful chapters in the Quran, is held in very high regard. It is known as the “Heart of the Koran”. Many Muslims read Surah Yasin, the 36th Surah, on a daily basis because of the many benefits associated with doing so. The Prophet Mohammad once said that anyone who recites Surah Yasin even once will be forgiven by Allah and rewarded ten times over in heaven. Surah Yasin is also associated with some rituals such as Khatam-i-Yasin where it is recited many times in order to solve several kinds of problems. Some Islamic scholars however do not believe these rituals should be followed.

Other famous Surahs include:

Surah Kahf

Surah Baqara

Surah Rahman

Surah Mulk

List of Surahs

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